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Case Studies


They needed a digital online payment gateway for their merchants to process credit cards and check payments through their web portals or mobile applications.

We developed a full REST API payment gateway using .NET, Angular, SQL Server and Azure. Compatible with all major card brands, it’s also integrated with PayPal as well as the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. It allows QR code payments and it has its own Invoice and Recurring Billing modules.

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Key success factors:

  • 3000 merchants taking payments across the US.
  • 160 M dollars processed the last year.
  • 270 K sales processed the last year.
  • 6 Independent Sale Offices from Florida, Texas, Connecticut, Georgia and Arizona selling our product.


BinSensors is a software application that seeks to contribute to the development of smart cities by improving the waste collection process.

Through a smart system consisting of an app and sensors placed on the bins around a city, the app can notify when a bin is full, improving the recollection process and making the resources of the company more efficient.

With a 3-person team (including a backend, a frontend and a project manager) we developed a full REST API backend. Also a web portal to track the bins, add drivers and collect statistics to make fuel consumption and driving time efficient.

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Key success factors:

  • 50 K of fuel gallons saved in truck driving the last year.
  • 25 K of driving hours saved in the last year.
  • 12 garbage collector companies using this technology in 5 cities.
  • BinSensors participated and presented the platform in different events related to innovative projects and environmental care.


HighSide provides organizations with encrypted file sharing and storage, secure collaboration platforms and integrated data access management.

They needed a DevOps and a Python developer. Two of our talented team members joined the core team at HighSide.

The technologies selected to develop the project were desktop Python, JavaScript, AWS, Kubernetes and Docker.

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Key success factors:

  • 2 years working together.
  • Both developers were among the best performing ones in the team.
  • Excellent communication and time management with the client.
  • Financial transparency.
  • The client increased its core team with qualified developers without having to incur higher costs.

Today we are still working along with HighSide.


Bari is an online sales platform that connects retailers and wholesalers simplifying the high-volume purchase process.

We developed a web app with a restful backend entirely on .Net Core and a leading-edge frontend with React.

We created a 6-person team, including 3 backends, 2 frontends and a project manager.

We used GraphQL, a decision that saved a lot of time at endpoint development and allowed the frontend to complete the queries directly.

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Key success factors:

  • 12 distributors selling and 230 retailers buying through the platform.
  • 80 K of wholesales processed.
  • 2400 M AR$ processed.
  • The product was released after only 6 months.
  • The team developed the platform end to end.

The platform is currently a strong competitor among large B2B platforms of its country.

Currently, we keep working with Bari and we provide software maintenance services with a team of a backend developer, a frontend and a project manager.