Bari is an online sales platform that connects retailers and wholesalers simplifying the high-volume purchase process.

We developed a web app with a restful backend entirely on .Net Core and a leading-edge frontend with React.

We created a 6-person team, including 3 backends, 2 frontends and a project manager.

We used GraphQL, a decision that saved a lot of time at endpoint development and allowed the frontend to complete the queries directly.

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Key success factors:

  • 12 distributors selling and 230 retailers buying through the platform.
  • 80 K of wholesales processed.
  • 2400 M AR$ processed.
  • The product was released after only 6 months.
  • The team developed the platform end to end

The platform is currently a strong competitor among large B2B platforms of its country.

Currently, we keep working with Bari and we provide software maintenance services with a team of a backend developer, a frontend and a project manager.


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