BinSensors is a software application that seeks to contribute to the development of smart cities by improving the waste collection process..

Through a smart system consisting of an app and sensors placed on the bins around a city, the app can notify when a bin is full, improving the recollection process and making the resources of the company more efficient.

With a 3-person team (including a backend, a frontend and a project manager) we developed a full REST API backend. Also a web portal to track the bins, add drivers and collect statistics to make fuel consumption and driving time efficient.

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Key success factors:

  • 50 K of fuel gallons saved in truck driving the last year.
  • 25 K of driving hours saved in the last year.
  • 12 garbage collector companies using this technology in 5 cities.
  • BinSensors participated and presented the platform in different events related to innovative projects and environmental care.


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