Where does our name come from?

Javier Uanini · CEO & Founder 2021-09-01 · 5 min read


My sister Constanza Uanini and I have loved computers since we were children. In 1999 we created a website for our dog using a Windows 98 computer, a dial up connexion and Microsoft frontpage. We were the only kids at school to do such a thing.

When we finished High School, I decided to study Software Engineering at UES21 and Constanza chose System Engineering at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Technology National University).

After finishing my studies, I moved to New York City where I lived for 18 months while working at Cynergy Data, the first payments processing company I joined. When I moved back to Córdoba (Argentina) I kept working another year with them. In February 2015, I started working at Signapay, another payments processing company. In September that year, they asked me to hire two developers to work alongside me, being the first of those two my sister Constanza. That is when we started calling ourselves “Siblings Software”, although our first project lasted only until March 2016.

Constanza joined the company Mercado Libre, while I continued looking for remote opportunities in the USA. In 2016, Siblings Software today's main client signed a contract with a startup that was looking to compete with LinkedIn. Once again I was asked to hire two developers, but this time I called an old friend from college, José Obregón. At the same time he recommended me to contact Maximiliano Tomassi for the third position. The three of us agreed to continue calling “Siblings Software” to the future company.

We started working at an apartment, quickly finding clients of different industries such as construction, health and events management, among others. In 2017, after working hard and thanks to the experience accumulated in payments processing until that moment, the first big opportunity finally arrived: to build a payments gateway from scratch.

With this project, we became experts in the field. We integrated our client’s gateway to big players like Tsys, Paypal and many banking platforms. Moreover, the gateway started to be used by thousands of merchants across the USA.

In 2018 Constanza and I decided to take a step forward and register the company as a S.A.S. (Sociedad por Acciones Simplificada) in Argentina, Siblings Software was born officially. We continued working for clients based in the USA and developing different projects, venturing in industries such as restaurants, airlines and cloud computing.

In 2021 we constituted Siblings Software as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Florida and we began the expansion process extended until today. Looking for new customers, we aim to find a balance between growth and profitability ensuring we will manage all the new projects properly.

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