Dark Mode

José Obregón · Tech Lead 2021-09-02 · 5 min read

More and more apps, websites and Operation Systems have a dark mode feature. But why,? Is it really useful?

What is Dark Mode?

Dark mode is simply a display setting configuration that makes user interfaces darker. It generally uses dark background colors and shows text in white or light colors. The main idea is to reduce the light emitted by device's screens.

You can check our dark mode clicking the button on the right-top.

Dark mode has many benefits:

Saves Battery 🔋

Dark mode saves battery by decreasing the light emitted. It also reduces power consumption in OLED screens, because these kind of screens turn the pixels off when its color is black.

Reduces eye strain 😵

When dark mode is correctly used it helps reducing eye strain due to lower light emissions from screens and setting the right contrast of the text. It is easier to address in low-light conditions.

Reduces the impacts of light before sleep 🥱

There are studies that indicates that being exposed to devices light can suppresses the secretion of melatonin and affect sleep negatively. Dark mode can helps with this by reducing the light that enters the eyes.

Doesn't disturb other people 😣

It is the most obvious benefit. Dark mode reduces the light of our devices that disturb the people around us.

Looks good 😎

Well, the truth is that this doesn't apply in all cases. But Dark mode can look amazing in many apps or websites. Certainly, it depends on design, content, graphics and the propose.

Are you already on the dark side? 🦾

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