Córdoba Empresaria Award 2021

Denisse Peduzzi · Chief Marketing Officer 2021-09-16 · 3 min read

We have been considered for the nomination of the Córdoba Empresaria Award 2021. This is a recognition of La Voz, the most important journal of Córdoba province, to people who create value with a broad vision within companies.

The firms contemplated are the most outstanding ones of the year. Those that generate an impact on the categories of innovation, diversity, sustainability, export value, entrepreneurship and leadership.

In this opportunity, representatives of the provincial business community mentioned different men and women from local companies that were chosen to be in the pre nomination process. Our founders, Javier and Constanza Uanini, were among the names of other leaders of promising and consolidated companies of the area.

The winner of the award will be revealed at the end of September.